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Lisa is currently working with the Australian Maths Teacher’s Association and CSIRO to produce a video and classroom resources for secondary school students across Australia. The project aims to make maths more exciting, relevant and accessible to students.

This week, she appeared in “The Universe in a Nutshell: Stars, Galaxies, Black Holes and More” a high-octane night of astronomy on 23rd July 2015 at the University of Queensland starring Meg Urry, Amanda Bauer, Tamara Davis and Lisa Harvey-Smith.

For those in Sydney, tickets are now available for an afternoon of funny and irreverant science debating “My Research Rules” from The Science Nation. 22nd August 2015, Tickets are $15 or $8 concessions.

Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith



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About Lisa

Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith is a research astronomer at CSIRO and the Project Scientist for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope. Her research uses astronomical masers (a naturally-occurring laser in space) to study the birth of the biggest, hottest stars in the Milky Way and to probe galaxy interactions. Lisa was recently shortlisted as a finalist for the Australian Museum’s Eureka Prize for her inspiring and impactful education and outreach work.

Lisa is an active member of the ASKAP commissioning team and is conducting research with early data from the telescope.  She is currently leading the development of ASKAP’s early science program, due to start in 2016. Lisa leads the Science Operations Support team at the Australia Telescope National Facility and is a member of the International SKA Science Working Group, the science advisory board to the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales and the science advisory committee to the Australian Government on the Square Kilometre Array.

A former Chair of the Astronomical Society of Australia’s Chapter for Women in Astronomy, Dr. Harvey-Smith is an advocate for a level playing-field for everyone working in astronomy. Her work for the Chapter culminated in the launch of The Pleiades Awards, a national accreditation scheme for employers of astronomers in Australia that take steps towards achieving best practice in equity and diversity.

Harvey-Smith is passionate about communicating science and its real-world outcomes to non-specialists. Recent outreach activities include “Stargayzing” - an innovative show at the Sydney Mardi Gras festival. Last year, she starred in a 3D movie for the CSIRO Discovery Centre that is seen by 10,000 visitors per year. Lisa writes for The Conversation and appeared in Women’s Health, The Age, The Weekend Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun Herald, The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Sunday Telegraph. Her article in the popular science book Patrick Moore’s Yearbook of Astronomy 2016, will be released in November 2015.

Lisa appears regularly on ABC radio and television, including ABC Local Radio, ABC Radio National, ABC Splash Live, Al Jazeera English, SBS News and ABC News 24. In December 2012 Harvey-Smith was named in the(sydney)magazine’s list of Sydney’s 100 most influential people.

She is involved in several educational outreach programs and mentors students in partner schools located in metropolitan Sydney and Pia Wadjarri - a remote aboriginal community in Western Australia.

As a keen recreational athlete Lisa enjoy the adventure and challenge of ultra-marathon and multi-day races. She is a member of the Australian Ultra-Running Association.

Image: Philip Gostelow